Archief bekijken van zondag 07 oktober 2001


Rapport van de zonne- en geofysische activiteit van 2001 Oct 07 2200 UTC
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USAF/NOAA rapport van de zonneactiviteit en geofysische activiteit

SDF Nummer 280 gepubliceerd omstreeks 2200Z op 07 Oct 2001

IA. Analyse van de actieve zonneregio's en zonneactiviteit van 06-2100Z tot 07-2100Z

Solar activity was at low levels. Only a few minor C-class flares occurred during the period. One event of note, was a 12 degree filament (centered at S21E12) that erupted between 07/1643 and 1651 UTC. An associated long duration C2 x-ray flare and an optical sub flare occurred in the area of the filament's eruption. LASCO/EIT imagery has not updated sufficiently, to be able to ascertain at this time, if a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was created from the disappearing solar filament (DSF). Due to the central location of the DSF, an accompanying CME could very possibly be geoeffective. Two new regions were numbered: 9655 (S21E52) and 9656 (S21W13).
IB. Voorspelling zonneactiviteit
Solar activity is expected to be at mostly low levels. Isolated M-class events are possible.
IIA. Samenvatting geofysische activiteit 06-2100Z tot 07-2100Z
The geomagnetic field was quiet. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux at geosynchronous orbit remained at elevated levels but below the proton event threshold of 10 pfu.
IIB. Voorspelling geofysische activiteit
The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly quiet to unsettled. Active conditions are possible on the second day of the forecast due to a small recurrent coronal hole and its associated high speed stream.
III. Kans zonnevlammen van 08 Oct tot 10 Oct
Klasse M25%25%25%
Klasse X05%05%05%
IV. Penticton 10.7 cm Flux
  Geobserveerd       07 Oct 173
  Voorspelt   08 Oct-10 Oct  170/175/175
  90 Day Mean        07 Oct 182
V. Geomagnetische A index
  Geobserveerd Afr/Ap 06 Oct  006/008
  Verwacht     Afr/Ap 07 Oct  004/004
  Voorspelt    Afr/Ap 08 Oct-10 Oct  008/010-015/015-012/012
VI. Kansen geomagnetische activiteit van 08 Oct tot 10 Oct
A. Gemiddelde breedtegraad
Kleine stormcondities05%10%05%
Zware-ernstige stormcondities01%01%01%
B. Hoge breedtegraad
Kleine stormcondities05%15%10%
Zware-ernstige stormcondities01%01%01%

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