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Evolution of sunspot region 2192

Solar activity is at high levels. We already saw an X2 solar flare today from sunspot region 2192 but this sunspot region continues to be active and is now firing M-class solar flares on a regular basis. The X2 solar flare from today unfortunately did not release a coronal mass ejection. In this article we take a look how sunspot region 2192 is developing. Our header image was taken by Sajad Sayadi on October 23, 2014 at Fasa/Fars/Iran. He captured this picture of our nearest star at sunset with a great view of sunspot region 2192. He captured this shot from the Observatory & Scietific Center of Fasa (OSCF) in south Iran with a 14 inch telescope. Stunning work!

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X2.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2192

...and that is number five! Sunspot region 2192 again produced a major solar flare: X2.01 (R3-strong radio blackout) at 10:56 UTC. This was already it's fifth X-class solar flare and the 13th strongest solar flare of this solar cycle... however... just like all the other X-class solar flares that we have previously seen from this sunspot region... it again looks like it did not launch a coronal mass ejection.

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Steun Poollicht.be!

Om ook bereikbaar te blijven bij grote poollichtkansen hebben we een zware server nodig die alle bezoekers aankan. Doneer en steun dit project zodat we online blijven en je geen enkele poollichtkans mist!


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