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DSCOVR launch scrubbed again

Today's launch of the DSCOVR mission which is set to replace the aging ACE spacecraft has again been scrubbed. There were no technical issues this time but it was the weather that failed to cooperate.

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M2.4 coronal mass ejection

SOHO/LASCO coronagraph imagery is now complete and this gives us the opportunity to analyse the coronal mass ejection which was released during yesterday's M2.4 solar flare. Our first reaction was that this coronal mass ejection is unlikely to affect Earth as sunspot region 2282 was close to the east limb at the time of the eruption. Now that we have enough coronagraph imagery, we are pleasantly surprised that we have to adjust our opinion.

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M2.4 solar flare, DSCOVR launch countdown

Solar activity increased to moderate levels thanks to sunspot region 2282. It produced an M2.4 solar flare that peaked yesterday at 23:35 UTC. The solar flare was long in duration and highly eruptive. A coronal mass ejection was launched but SOHO/LASCO imagery is still incomplete so it is unsure if there is an earth-directed component. An earth-directed component is however unlikely when we consider that the flare occured close to the east-limb.

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